How 6 lakh pilgrims got darshan at famous temple in minutes

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The Sabarimala temple called the ‘Mecca for Hindus’ stands on the top of the Western Ghat mountain ranges, covering a four kilometer uphill walk from Pamba in the Pathanamthitta district in Kerala. Earlier, the wait for a darshan at the temple was as arduous as the journey. Lakhs of people congregate during the peak season that started this year on November 16 and covers 2 months which means a wait for 10 to 12 hours in line to get a glimpse of the god. Now times and changed and how.

Over 6 lakh pilgrims stood in line silently this time, booking their trip to Sabarimala in Kerala for their darshan with no inconvenience, in minutes. Not one of them jostled, yelled or created a stampede. After all this time there was no scope to do so. The booking was all done through the new online option on

The head of the virtual queue department responsible for this service, additional director general of police P.Chandrasekheran, told reporters that the facility was free of cost as a special aid to those who sought darshan (holy visit). About 3000 people who booked online would be allowed darshan within an hour at an appointed time, to lessen the inconvenience. The site recorded over 5 lakh hits on one day alone. So far there are over 4 crore hits.

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